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I'm Cheyenne. I'm 20 and I live in South Florida, where I was born and raised. It's the little things in life that keep me going each day after everything that's happened. But, everything happens for a reason, so we must keep on going and moving forward.


  • Less worry - This is self-evidently a good thing. Most concerns are of a frivolous nature anyway. Worrying about things outside your control is wasted energy that could have been spent on more productive things.
  • Sometimes expectations are set too high - These unrealistic expectations…

This is officially my favorite website.


Can we all make a quick dua’a tonight for all our brothers and sisters facing drug or alcohol addiction, domestic violence, or mental illness?

May Allah give you strength to overcome your difficulties, supportive friends and family to guide you along the way, and a willingness to persevere.

Remember, you are loved.

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It is you. It is fucking you. I cannot describe it anymore, it is you. You are the only one that I will ever want. I belong with you. You are my home. I look at you, and somehow I can see 50 years from now on the front porch of some old house in the middle of nowhere and we’re together. I need you. You are the only thing that matters. You are my good.

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